May 20, 2009


the big 24 today :)

May 19, 2009

The rain brings....


the pics and videos are from our phones so beware of the great quality :).

p.s. Nick and Cassie, Bullet needs a friend.... you better hurry up!

May 4, 2009

Idaho Weekend!

I flew in to Idaho Wednesday night for my Grandparents 50th Anniversary! Congratulations Grandpa and Grandma! I figured I might was well make a surprise out of it. We surprised my dad, Alexis and my grandparents. I had a blast and here are some of the things we did...

Alexis's Kitten Skittles had baby kittens so we made a cute picture frame. (yes she was only 9 months old when she had the kittens!)

My mom put us to work making a teacher appreciation day door decoration for Alexis's teacher. It was really fun drawing the heads of the kids.

Alexis and my cousins, Hannah, Hayden, and Abby are CRAZY!

My Grandparents opening their shutterfly album the whole family created online - AWESOME!

Mom and Alexis singing at my grandparents night

Gradma and Trinity!

Abby, me, Lex

Kaylee, Sydney, Hayden, Hannah, Alexis, Abby, Brianne

Then we were off to Salt Lake on Saturday for Alexis's dance competition!

She did great but unfortuneltly it was pouring rain so we didn't get to stay to ride the rides :(
This is how we felt about the adventure...

After we went to the hotel and stuck our soaking wet clothes in the dryer while we ate lunch we went bolwing and minature golfing.

The indoor minuture golfing was awesome... The pictures didn't turn out but there were three different themes: underwater, jungle, and dinosaurs! The painting were amazing.