August 27, 2012

Bring it on...

School started last week and I was actually ready to begin, believe it or not! I'm excited for this semester because I feel that the work load is going to be super beneficial because we will be applying everything we have learned more fully into the classroom. I'm also super excited because I was one of the few who get to be in the same classroom all year. I knew I was doing my student teaching with an awesome teacher in the 1st grade this spring, but I just found out that I get to be with that class every Wednesday for my practicum this fall semester. I'm so grateful because I will be able to gain a relationship with her students well before I am her official student teacher.

Let's hope if I ever get a book published I double check the spelling on the binding :) - too funny! Pricey misspelling.
I have really fallen in love with learning. Growing up and in high school I never enjoyed learning/school because I couldn't see the value in knowledge, but these last couple years I really enjoy school. I am excited to graduate, become a teacher, and continue to further my education with a masters of some kind.

We are nursery leaders and we love it. We are with the youngest nursery class and there are many times when Brad is covering his face dying in laughter and I'm trying to not look at him so I can hold it in. Those little children are too funny :). 

Summer Memories: (in no particular order, I don't want to mess with arranging the photos!)

Brad LOVES his golf ball retriever... it has paid for itself many times.

We celebrated the big 5! We went golfing, had yummy mexican food, and forced more calories down at sub-zero ice cream. It was a great evening.

Bullet enjoyed the petroglyphs out near the Arizona strip. No worries, this was away from the carved rocks.

This was a picture before we were finished, but we planted 5 trees and added rock and railroad ties against the back fence. We also got lattice to cover the chain link fence. We can't wait until we can get the fence walls up on the sides of our lot.

I think I painted my nails more than ever in my life this summer. It was my hobby to do while watching my addicting shows on Netflix. Neon polish is my new favorite. 

No, I am not gifted and talented - Brad made us shirts that say GT, for Garrett-Thompson! Sweet surprise.

A sister sent me a funny singing card and Bullet loved it.

I'm going to miss the many hours swimming and laying out with my NEON polish :)

A huge mentor in my life, Coach Kiester, sent me flowers on my birthday. She is amazing.