December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 and Nauvoo!

We had the best Thanksgiving. We decided to visit Brad's good High School friend, Matt and his wife Kenzie out in Kirksville, Missouri. It was a long drive due to Thanksgiving traffic, construction, and a bad wreck... but we made it and it was totally worth it!

We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with some of their friends. It was nice to not have to prepare anything! I was very Thankful for that this year!

On Saturday we drove about 1 1/2 hours to Carthage Jail and then Nauvoo, Illinois. It was really neat. We went at a great time of the year because we were able to be the only people in each building so it was very personalized.

Carthage Jail was a special place. The spirit was really strong there- it was a calm, sorrowful spirit - it is hard to explain. It just seemed super still and quite, a very reverent place to show our respects to Joseph and Hyrum. It was really neat.

We were able to do a temple session in the Nauvoo Temple - what a beautiful temple! It was absolutely gorgeous and I was amazed at how big it is. It was for sure the best part of the Nauvoo experience. Brad and I were the witness couple and it was a tiny group of less than 20.

This picture is across the street from the main entrance of the Temple. That is the Mississippi in the background. It looks more like a lake!

This picture is neat because this is the point where the saints crossed the Mississippi River headed west and they were forced out of the city they built up, Nauvoo. The Trail of Tears, a path walking towards the Mississippi, was neat. They had quote boards following the whole trail. I took a couple pictures - they are in the slideshow. Again the spirit there was just a calm, quite, peaceful reverence. Amazing.

I was a neat experience to learn more about the MANY sacrifices the Saints before us made. It was a great time of year to visit because I am sure Thankful for Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and the countless number of men, women, and children who sacrificed their lives for the Gospel.

Enjoy the pictures - there are a lot!

November 19, 2009

Christmas Cards for Caycen

(click on the picture if you can't read the small print) I'm on the Coaches vs. Cancer committee and one of our little guys isn't doing so well. If you are interested in sending Christmas cards to his family please do. They could use every smile possible right now.

If you know any OSU fans who would be interested please pass on this message to them!

November 11, 2009

Cowboy Basketball is HERE!

We went to the Women and Men games last night at Gallagher-Iba Arena. It was a nice change to be able to watch a game with Brad :). I'm sure he was wishing he was out there playing but the cards haven't been dealt that way so that's how it is. Hey, a FREE Education is more than we can ask for.

The girls were fun to watch. They have some really good players and it just made me realize how out of shape I am. Oh how I wish I could still run a suicide in 30 something seconds. haha Keep DREAMING

The boys looked decent. They had some really GREAT moments but some SICK moment’s too :) typical exhibition game.

The new players that I love so far:

31 Pilgrim - I wish we would have had him last year!!! I can't remember any of our big men ever pulling double doubles! He has a good head, unlike moses. We need that! Someone who goes out there and worries about himself and plays ball, all Marshall is worried about is who is touching him and getting their arms off him

14 Penn - Nice to have a switch up from Byron, he pulled some nice moves and it will be fun to watch him play the awesome big 12 point guards. It will also be nice to see Keaton play a true 2 guard instead of being the back-up point guard.

21 Gully - HE IS a MINY TERRELL!!!! He is only a freshman but I think he has tons of potential. He was really scrappy and I like that.

Those are the guys who stuck out to me but I think our freshman have tons of potential – as well as the team as a whole. This year might be a little shaky because of lack of experience but I have high hopes.

Obi made a pass last night that brightened my day! Hahahahahaha! He chucked it down the floor WAY TOO FAR and it bounced out of bounds. It was a classic OBI pass that I haven't seen for awhile so it was nice.

We got a kick out of Coach Ford. There was one timeout when he was SCREAMING AT BRIGGS (the do-it-all manager kid), “BOARD, BOARD, WHERE IS MY BOARD!!!!” Brad was yelling – Binky, Binky, Give me my Binky!!! Ford can't get anything for himself - pretty hilarious. But, he does a good job having Briggs and Joey being his "go-to guys".

I love this time of year. Only two more home football games to focus on and then it's all BASKETBALL!!!! :)

November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexis!

It is my little sister's birthday today! I love her to death and I hope she has a great birthday. I can't wait to see you in a couple months sis!

October 31, 2009

When the trees turn


When we turn pumpkins into vampire cats and little monsters,


We had fun making our last minutes costumes come to life! We bought an Afro and used the old Napoleon Afro from two years ago and then threw on some jerseys and it got a little funny! Brad bought a crazy $1 makeup mask... it was pretty hilarious!

The boys at the party...
Cassie, me, and Kristin at the party...

The Pirates... Cute Kristin and Braxton!

Brad had fun last weekend at a ward hay ride party while I was helping sell at the Affair of the Heart in the city. He fell in love with Tractors...

October 26, 2009


Well, It looks like there is a common theme in my family.... Nick and Tristan are expecting their 3rd! CONGRATS to them! I'm so excited. I am impressed with Tristan because this will be her third all under the age of 3!

October 15, 2009

Soccer Star!

Brad got Bullet a soccer ball and he absolutely loves it. He will whine forever when you show him the ball until he gets it... pretty funny.

October 1, 2009

The best email ever....

I was checking my email this morning and I had a new one from my sister, Joy, with a title of "New Pics"....

Here are what their new family pictures look like!!! HOORAY!

I'm so excited for her. Jaclyn is 6 and I'm sure she is super excited for a sibling!!! Did I say I'm so excited!!??!!! I'm just bummed they live in New York, I gotta get out there!!

August 28, 2009

Fun Baby Gifts!

I have been wanting to make these forever. I finally found a reason to - a baby gift for a friend. I think they turned out better than I was expecting. I have never appliqued anything so I was a little nervous. I had to un-stitch my first one, but after the first one I caught on quick. Fun stuff!

August 16, 2009

Tri Stake Dance

All of our girls had a blast at the dance this weekend. It was a tri- stake dance so there were a lot of kids (comparable to a stake dance back in Utah or Idaho). Our girls are awesome and I'm loving my calling as 2nd counselor.

August 10, 2009

Happy 2!

We've been married for 2 years!

This year Brad surprised me with a little one night get-away for our anniversary. He took me to the Arcadian Inn Bed & Breakfast in Edmond, OK. Neither of us have ever been to a bed and breakfast but this was FABULOUS!!!!!!!

It was so personalized. When we first arrived our names were on the front porch...

They took us on a tour and we were welcomed to the "Garden Room".

Our names were everywhere... There were these cards in the bathrobes...

Breakfast was awesome!!! They even had a personalized note as well...

We more than enjoyed our stay and we recommend it to anyone. They have other rooms that are decorated fun and "grandma whimsical" as well. They even give you coupons and bath salts to take home.

In memory of August 10, 2007 here are our favorite Wedding Pictures:

I love you Brad. Thank you for the great stay at the Arcadian Inn!
These past two years have been the best years of my life.
I owe you :)

Lake Skiatook

We went camping/boating to Lake Skiatook near Tulsa. It was so much fun. Cassie's parents have the nicest boat, it is actually classified as a yacht. It is probably a little big for ski sports but it is pretty dang nice when you can cruise across waves and choppy water going 55! Anyways, the wake was huge for wakeboarding so needless to say, brad and I still have headaches and sore necks from wiping out. These are the best pics we got over the weekend.... I need to be better about taking pictures.

I should have gotten pictures of the camp groud. Cassie's parents tent was so decked out. AC unit inside, rug, make shift side table and all!!! We were lucky to have an ac unit in our tent... it would have been a sleepless night. Bullet, Kia, and Lex (all dogs) had the best time ever as well. The three of them are hillarious! Yep, i know, i should have taken pictures... oh well. Just imagine.

July 24, 2009

Caleb Spady

This article is about on our of Coaches vs Cancer kids. If you think you are having a bad day you might want to think again....

(Caleb and his family at a basketball game)

Caleb Spady was a baseball fan to the end

Caleb Spady was so excited about tonight.

He was getting a chance to go to the RedHawks game, and that was no small thing for the 11-year-old baseball junkie from Hinton. Nothing could be better than a summer evening at the ballpark.

Caleb Spady, right, got to spend time with Angels player Reggie Willits, a former OU star, at his Make-A-Wish trip to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

But watching the game wasn’t the only thing on his agenda. So was throwing out the first pitch.

On a night the minor-league club is promoting cancer awareness, the boy who inspired hundreds in his hometown, his home state and beyond was supposed to make the ceremonial throw. His three brothers will throw out the first pitch in his memory instead.

Caleb died on Tuesday.

In the world of sports, we often talk about heartbreak. Dropped passes. Missed shots. Botched opportunities.

This, however, is real heartbreak.

Caleb’s family and friends will gather next week for his funeral, but tonight, many will be at The Brick for a memorial like no other. They will wear bright yellow shirts with "Caleb’s Crew” on the front. They will share stories. They will laugh and cry and smile and grieve.

And they will cheer for the boy who became a real-life hero.

"We always thought his fans would be 10-year-old diehard Rangers fans in about 15 years,” his mother, Kim, wrote in an e-mail. "But it all came too quickly.”

A little over a year ago, Caleb was diagnosed with cancer. It was on his brain stem, and as serious as that sounds, it was worse. Caleb had a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, which means the cancer cells were sprinkled like grains of sand within his brain stem.

There was no way to operate.

Last fall, the Spadys shared the story of their Make-A-Wish trip to Rangers Ballpark. Caleb had always been a Texas Rangers fan, and for a day, he got to be a Ranger. He had his own locker, fully stocked with gear. He hung out in the clubhouse, took batting practice, went through warm-ups and even took the lineup card to home plate.

Caleb left Arlington with a bag stuffed with memorabilia and a mind packed with memories.

(Caleb is in the orange jersey)

There have been many more memories since then. Being on the sidelines during an Oklahoma State football game, then standing with the team afterward to sing the alma mater. Getting onto the field after the final Bedlam baseball game at The Brick and posing for a picture with Cowboy coach Frank Anderson. Going to a Thunder game via police escort.

There were the birthday cards that came by the hundreds. Bryant Reeves sent one. So did Mike McGraw and Dave Hunziker and both OSU basketball teams.

There was also the December afternoon that Caleb and his Hinton teammates went to Lookeba-Sickles for a fifth-grade basketball game. Before tip-off, the Lookeba-Sickles players and coaches presented Caleb with a basketball signed by all of them.

"The rivalry between Hinton and L-S goes way back many years, and some say it begins in grade school,” principal and coach Mike Davis wrote in a note to the Spadys. "But in sports, there is always something bigger.

"I mentioned to my boys that Caleb might get to play in our game. … My boys wanted to do something for Caleb.”

Then, he penned words that will break your heart.

"We hope to play against him for many more years.”

Caleb had ups and downs since the first of this year. Sometimes, he struggled to walk, but even as recently as a month ago, he walked to the snow-cone stand several blocks from his house. Throwing out the first pitch didn’t seem like such a far-fetched notion that day.

Two Mondays ago, Caleb and his father, Ken, drove to Memphis to start an experimental treatment trial. Caleb was tired and groggy the entire time, but Ken figured the drive had just worn him out. He suspected a good night’s sleep would help.

It didn’t.

Caleb continued to deteriorate, and by that next day, there was a worry that he might not make it back to Oklahoma to see his family again.

If that weren’t enough, his mom was in the hospital, too. The day Caleb and Ken left for Memphis, Kim had surgery to remove a cancerous growth in her colon. She survived breast cancer several years ago, but then in late June, she learned that she had colon cancer.

Job had nothing on the Spady family.

"I am hesitant to say anything about our faith at this point, as it seems so trite and almost disingenuous,” Kim wrote on Caleb’s Web site earlier this month. "But I do want to say that our faith is not shaken by all of this. We know God is in control and has a plan. We surely do not like the looks of that plan right now, but we do trust him.”

Indeed, Job had nothing on the Spadys.

Kim went back to the hospital Tuesday morning for emergency surgery to remove more of her colon, and back at home, Ken decided to give Caleb a bath.

There, in his father’s arms, Caleb died.

If you happen to be heading to the RedHawks game tonight, be sure to get there in time to see the Spady boys throw out the first pitch. Be sure to remember their brother, his battle and his example. Be sure to stand and cheer and maybe even say a little prayer.

Caleb won’t be there tonight, but like it was so many times before on a baseball diamond, his spirit will be alive and well.