December 7, 2010

Weekend of Fun with...

Our awesome friends from Stillwater, The Linsenmeyers! VEGAS, ST. GEORGE & SALT LAKE!

They flew into Las Vegas and spent a couple days there. Brad and I picked them up and we went to dinner and stayed at the Luxor, the pyramid hotel. It was a crazy hotel! I forgot my camera so we didn't get any pictures. The highlight of Vegas was the Nike Outlet at the Premium Outlets, North of Vegas. Good thing I've saved up my tip money... we came out with a Santa Clause size bag of stuff! So much fun :)

We took them to St. George and stayed the night here. We showed them the St. George Temple and the rest of town. I had to take them to Down East Outfitters, since there is nothing like that in Oklahoma. Kristin found awesome deals.We took them to the Durangos mexican resturant and then to Frostop for dessert and sweet potato fries! (Harrisons, you better come out soon to try them too!)

We then drove up North to Salt Lake and stayed with our other friends that were in the Stillwater 2nd ward, the Sandovals. They have a really nice house with awesome views of the mountains. Temple square was beautiful and we even got to go to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional in the conference. It was really neat. The lights were so beautiful and the music and talks were amazing.


It was a great weekend - we love our friends! 
ONE more week of classes and then ONE week of FINALS!!! The semester is almost over!!

November 11, 2010

It's already November!?

You know I need some more balance in my life if I totally missed the month of October :). This update is for you Coach K!

First of all, our hearts and prayers go out to the Ence Family, especially to our friends Skyler and Alisa. Skyler's (one of Brad's best friends) dad unexpectedly passed away earlier this week. I never knew him, but Brad speaks very highly of Rick and has some great memories to remember with him. I know he is a great loss to their family and the community. At times like these I couldn't be more greatful for the Savior.

On a lighter note,  I've been super busy.... life is good though. I had some t-shirt quilt orders recently.

My favorite quilt I have made has to be this one below. A lady from Oklahoma had me make a photo quilt of drawings that kids with Cystic Fibrosis colored. I had the images printed on fabric and I created a the quilt. The quilt is going to be auctioned off... I hope it makes a lot of money for such a good cause. I love t-shirt quilts, but nothing beats a quilt like this...

 I brought it out with me to Oklahoma when I visited to give to her so it worked out perfectly. Speaking of Oklahoma, it was so much fun. I didn't take any pictures, dang it, but I  had a blast... it was way to busy visiting everyone I felt like I only saw each person for like 2 minutes! Kendria picked me up from the airport and I stayed at her house the first night and we hung out on Friday, can I tell you how much I miss her! I don't thing I will ever meet anyone like her againg... she has the most amazing heart. Anyways, Friday night I helped Natalie and her friend at the walk-around, so much fun... I forgot selling shirts was so fun :). Only with Natalie, she is the most energetic person you will find... love her! Friday night I stayed the night with Nick and Cassie and Saturday we went to the homecoming parade and watched the game with a bunch of friends. I miss all of them! Stillwater was a chapter in our lives that we will always deeply remember. I love it there. Saturday Justin and Kristen took me to OKC to meet up with Natalie so I could help her with her craft show on Sunday and then I flew out Sunday night.

Natalie gave us her new t-shirt.... so comfy and cute. Us girls took pictures in them and I thought this one was funny... our dogs are nuts.

 Me, Shauntel, Jeanette, Alex, Andra.

I also had a fun time in Idaho with April visiting family. It was great to see everyone and I can't wait until Christmas. Alexis turned 12! I love that girl, she is so funny. She dressed up as a lamp for Halloween so we helped her make her costume when we were there. I also got to interview my Grandpa Thornton for a history project. It was such a great conversation with him and Grandma. Grandma is having problems with her heart, the family all fasted on Sunday for her so hopefully the doctors are able to find out what is wrong and fix it.

School is going good. Just when I feel like I'm starting to understand Spanish after this last test, La Professora throws a new concept at us and I'm totally lost again. Looks like this weekend will be some more tutoring from Brad. I can't believe I only have one month left for this semester. My other classes are going well. Just busy, busy, busy. It's hard to find time to do things I love, such as blogging and crafting. I decided I need to do something so I can keep sane, so I bought the cutest pattern for visor beanies... will post pictures later. 

Thanksgiving is almost here and then Christmas! I love this time of year! It will be weird not having to drive in snow and having 50 degree days. I think I might actually miss the snow... crazy I know. I still have Idaho blood :)

September 29, 2010


September has FLOWN by... here are some updates of what has happened lately...
  • I started school at Dixie State :)
(I should be doing homework right now but I can't focus so I turned to the bog) I'm taking 15 credits and it has definitively been an adjustment for me. There have been some meltdowns but I'm just grateful for my awesome husband who calms me down and laughs at how dramatic I can be. Thank goodness I have Brad from my Spanish tutor because Spanish is my hardest class this semester, I feel sooo behind compared to all the other kids who took Spanish throughout all of high school. My History class is a lot of work, two papers a week, but I have learned a lot by his different approach to teaching history. My Education Math class is interesting to say the least. My Education Human Exceptionalities is really great - I love my professor, Dr. Peterson. She is a great teacher and a huge inspiration for all of us "teachers in training". I'm hoping to apply for the Education program in January to be accepted in Fall 2011... it is a two year program. If all goes well I should be done Spring 2013!
  • We are officially motorcycle endorsed!
  This scooter is sweet. It's a 2008 and the lady only had 300 miles on it - we have already doubled the miles. It is in great condition and we loved the fact that it is orange! We had to take a written and driving motorcycle test in order to drive this baby (notice the orange cones - I set up a course to practice for the test - haha, I was nervous I wouldn't pass!). That meant I had to get a Utah Drivers license... here in Utah they make you take a test that was about 50 or so questions. I had to laugh at that because in Oklahoma all they needed to see was your social security and previous license! Anyways, after many trips to the dmv to take all the flipping tests we finally got our motorcycle endorsement and we are loving the scooter. Brad drives it every day to work at his ESL job at Washington Elementary. Brad has some funny stories about the testing but you will just have to ask him :) he might shoot me!

  • Brad's parents recently remolded their Kitchen... it turned out great and really updated their kitchen!
(Before and  After)

  • We are helping Shauntel coach Alex's volleyball team. It has been fun to coach them... Alex has really improved - watch for her at some division I school in about 5 years or so :)
  • I'm going to Idaho during my Fall break with April - hooray! Can't wait to see my family - I miss them.
  • I'm going to Oklahoma the weekend after Idaho during OSU's homecoming to help Natalie at her booth. Her new shirt this year is my all time favorite. I can't wait to see everyone - thanks to Kendria and Natalie!!! I'm super excited
  • Brad is loving his ESL job but we both are anxious for a full time job to open up. 
  • I spent a good 30 minutes bawling reading Presley's Story  - check it out.
I think that wraps up September... October is coming ready or not :). For now, back to homework because that is my life these days!

September 17, 2010


I bought this awesome frame at a garage sell in Oklahoma well over a year ago! I loved the frame and I've always wanted a temple pic or a wedding pic in it but the problem was my favorite wedding picture wouldn't crop down into a 20x16 photo without cutting our bodies off or Moroni off. I've also been searching for a temple one since I bought the frame but I never fell in love with one. This has been going on for more than a year and just the other month I started my google search again in hopes of finding something. I did!!!!! And the girl is from Mannan, Idaho! CRAZY! Check out her blog HERE ... she is amazingly talented and I hope her business grows because her work is awesome! I was sooooo happy to find her.

I'm also super excited because my Aunt Jenn has put her photoshop skills into editing my favorite wedding pictures so I can print them on canvas or matted. I haven't seen them yet but I know they are going to be awesome. Next time I go to Idaho I'm going to have my dad help me make a frame. I can't wait! I just need to ask him :) 

One last awesome creation thanks to my awesome friend Kristin who did this for her little boy....

I gave my sister Joy a onesie with an applique of a tie for Will and she fell in love with it. She sent me a bunch of onesies to make more and I had her send me some of her husband's tie so I could do this for her. They are much much cuter than the applique ties! Super cute... if you want to know how to make them just let me know. They are super easy... a lot quicker than the appliques! 

August 21, 2010

New Headboard and Movie at Frostop!

We've always wanted a big headboard for our bed so we finally built one! I was a good project and turned out pretty good. Now I just need to find a comforter that matches... :)

Ben Banks the Movie shot scenes at Frostop last week! We stayed there until 2 am for them to finish - it was quite the production. I played an extra serving food to a lady - So if the movie hits the big screens watch for me giving a lady a bag of food at the counter :).

Sal Masekela, host of the X Games on ESPN, is playing a main role in the movie so brad just had to meet him and get a picture with him :). He was super nice - the picture is blurry but it was fun to meet him.

August 10, 2010

It's been 3 years...

... and I can't believe it! 

These past three years have been amazing. I know I've grown so much because of my sweet husband, Brad. He is the best guy ever and I'm just excited for all the years to come :)... we have a lot left to do in this life! I love you sweetie!

Top Memories So Far...
- August 10, 2007 - the beginning
- cruise
- living in Oklahoma for 2 1/2 years
- okc temple trips
- osu basketball
- nauvoo
- long road trips to utah and Idaho
- making great friends in oklahoma
- first family member, bullet
- camping trips
- tennis wars in real life and wii
- moving to st. george

July 26, 2010


We had such a great week visiting family and friends in Idaho. To start the vacation off we visited Whitney and Brandon and their new baby Ellie. It was really good to see them! Sunday we had a nice bbq with my Brother Shane and his family and with my Uncle Larry's family. We had some great smores and lot's of funny stories! We met up with Kali, my CSI roommate. She got married just last weekend! It was so good to see her. We also met up with another teammate of mine, Ashley - she is married now and we had some yummy milkshakes at Applebees and reminisced about the good times at CSI. Coach Kiester had us over for breakfast - it was delicious and was so great to catch up with her. She is an awesome lady.

Larry let us take out his new boat - super nice of him and we had a blast! Alexis almost got up on the wakeboard! Trinity and Izzy loved the tube until they got sprayed with water - then the bawling began! Brad and I did the driving so we didn't get to take many action pictures. It was super fun and has caused Brad to lust over getting a boat even more :).

We picked fresh strawberries from grandma Thornton's garden and made some yummy jam! The worst part is I left it in Idaho... It will have to wait until I visit again I guess... :(.We went camping at Granite Hot springs in Wyoming for the Thornton Family Reunion. It was soo beautiful and so fun!
We found a well/pump on our hike with the kids- it really pumped water but we didn't dare drink it!Thompson Family

Me and Trinity

We went Rafting down the Hoback (near Jackson). Here are the best picture of our two times going over Big Kahuna!

unt Jenny and I fell out on the Big Kahuna! You can see her legs and the bottom of my shoe. The second time down no one fell out but it was sure fun!

June 14, 2010

Zions Family Reunion

We had the Keddington Family reunion this weekend at Zions National Park. We stayed in awesome cabins which was nice because the weather was freezing for this time of year for southern utah - it was mid 60's and rainy all weekend :(. We missed out on the pool but we went on some good hikes, rode the zipline, mini golfed, volleyball, and overall just had a great time! :) Now I can't wait for Granite Hot Springs in July with the Thornton Family reunion!

June 4, 2010

Goodbye Stillwater - Hello St., George

GOODBYE POKES - Brad Graduated!!!
He wasn't able to walk during commencement because he flew out to St. George for a job interview .... we took some good pics anyways. I'm so proud of his accomplishments.
We are truly going to miss our best friends, Nick and Cassie. It has been so much fun the last couple of years with them and it won't be the same without them blocks away. I'm going to miss our Sunday evenings together with great desserts, our dog walk/play days, camping, game nights, wii battles, and the countless other great memories. We have major plans to meet up every year though :).

We spent our last weekend in Oklahoma at Lake Tenkiller to get a last boating outing with our boating buddies! I didn't get a group shot but the pic below is my favorite little buddy.... Braxton! We will miss Kristin and Justin so much! So many wakeboarding and camping memories :) I will also miss working in YW with Kristin - we had so much fun planning events!

Here are the best videos i snapped of brad....

One of the last nights in Oklahoma we met up with some other best friends in Tulsa for Dinner. Kendria, my co-worker, has been a best friend of mine - I'm going to miss her so much. She is seriously the kindest, most generous lady you can meet - her husband (not in the picture) is exactly the same way as well. I can never thank them enough for the amount of hospitality they showed to me. Natalie and Daniel Bobik are awesome people! I will miss football season selling Cool Chicks Wear Orange t-shirts!! The last 3 football seasons we had so much fun at the booth outside of Boone Pickens Stadium - football won't be the same anymore!

Kendria is a die-hard Oklahoma State Fan - She decked out a Smart car to show her pride! The car's name is Bullet so we had to take some picture of my Bullet in her bullet. (Bullet is the horse's name at OSU's football games).
These two pics below are Bullet the dog, Bullet the smart car, and the statue of the horse Bullet!

Pulling out of St. George in the Uhaul! We reserved a 14' truck but the day before the move they informed us that they only had the biggest truck available - the 26 footer! We weren't too happy to be driving a huge truck all the way to Utah but we didn't have to worry about not having enough space for our stuff.My mom and little sister, alexis, came out to help us move. They were sooo much help - my mom is great at packing, as they have built a lot of houses and she has packed a lot of boxes in her life - so it was great to have her help! Thanks mom and lex! The drive consisted of high winds, lots of gas, lots of sore bums, and a lot of "are we there yet"!

We made it and are living in Brad's parents basement until we are settled with job security. School of Ball is going well - check out the website and if you know any kids who play basketball send them to our camps this July! Brad is still searching for that right job and I am currently registering for classes at Dixie State to finish up my education.

Let the New Chapter begin!......