August 21, 2010

New Headboard and Movie at Frostop!

We've always wanted a big headboard for our bed so we finally built one! I was a good project and turned out pretty good. Now I just need to find a comforter that matches... :)

Ben Banks the Movie shot scenes at Frostop last week! We stayed there until 2 am for them to finish - it was quite the production. I played an extra serving food to a lady - So if the movie hits the big screens watch for me giving a lady a bag of food at the counter :).

Sal Masekela, host of the X Games on ESPN, is playing a main role in the movie so brad just had to meet him and get a picture with him :). He was super nice - the picture is blurry but it was fun to meet him.


Jenn said...

Hey whitney just wanted to let you know I got your picture and I will work on it tommoro. I have been swamped lately with craft stuff. You just need to figure out where you want to get it printed at and I will upload it to that site when I am done.

Alexis T. Thompson said...

That is so cool!! You are going to be a star!! :) Now I can brag to my friends that my sister starred in a hit movie :P haha and bed bath and beyond has some cute bedspreads you might like right now, so you can look on their website if you haven't got a bedspread yet

Ashley Christensen said...

Whitney! Ahh we miss you guys so much! I've never been to the Frost Stop before....maybe we should stop by when we're there for Thanksgiving!

Alisa and Sky said...

Love the headboard yall made!! It looks so nice!!