June 14, 2010

Zions Family Reunion

We had the Keddington Family reunion this weekend at Zions National Park. We stayed in awesome cabins which was nice because the weather was freezing for this time of year for southern utah - it was mid 60's and rainy all weekend :(. We missed out on the pool but we went on some good hikes, rode the zipline, mini golfed, volleyball, and overall just had a great time! :) Now I can't wait for Granite Hot Springs in July with the Thornton Family reunion!

June 4, 2010

Goodbye Stillwater - Hello St., George

GOODBYE POKES - Brad Graduated!!!
He wasn't able to walk during commencement because he flew out to St. George for a job interview .... we took some good pics anyways. I'm so proud of his accomplishments.
We are truly going to miss our best friends, Nick and Cassie. It has been so much fun the last couple of years with them and it won't be the same without them blocks away. I'm going to miss our Sunday evenings together with great desserts, our dog walk/play days, camping, game nights, wii battles, and the countless other great memories. We have major plans to meet up every year though :).

We spent our last weekend in Oklahoma at Lake Tenkiller to get a last boating outing with our boating buddies! I didn't get a group shot but the pic below is my favorite little buddy.... Braxton! We will miss Kristin and Justin so much! So many wakeboarding and camping memories :) I will also miss working in YW with Kristin - we had so much fun planning events!

Here are the best videos i snapped of brad....

One of the last nights in Oklahoma we met up with some other best friends in Tulsa for Dinner. Kendria, my co-worker, has been a best friend of mine - I'm going to miss her so much. She is seriously the kindest, most generous lady you can meet - her husband (not in the picture) is exactly the same way as well. I can never thank them enough for the amount of hospitality they showed to me. Natalie and Daniel Bobik are awesome people! I will miss football season selling Cool Chicks Wear Orange t-shirts!! The last 3 football seasons we had so much fun at the booth outside of Boone Pickens Stadium - football won't be the same anymore!

Kendria is a die-hard Oklahoma State Fan - She decked out a Smart car to show her pride! The car's name is Bullet so we had to take some picture of my Bullet in her bullet. (Bullet is the horse's name at OSU's football games).
These two pics below are Bullet the dog, Bullet the smart car, and the statue of the horse Bullet!

Pulling out of St. George in the Uhaul! We reserved a 14' truck but the day before the move they informed us that they only had the biggest truck available - the 26 footer! We weren't too happy to be driving a huge truck all the way to Utah but we didn't have to worry about not having enough space for our stuff.My mom and little sister, alexis, came out to help us move. They were sooo much help - my mom is great at packing, as they have built a lot of houses and she has packed a lot of boxes in her life - so it was great to have her help! Thanks mom and lex! The drive consisted of high winds, lots of gas, lots of sore bums, and a lot of "are we there yet"!

We made it and are living in Brad's parents basement until we are settled with job security. School of Ball is going well - check out the website and if you know any kids who play basketball send them to our camps this July! Brad is still searching for that right job and I am currently registering for classes at Dixie State to finish up my education.

Let the New Chapter begin!......