July 9, 2012

More summer fun

Going swimming multiple times a week with family

making strawberry freezer jam :) yum
Hiking and swimming at Red Cliffs near Leads, UT
Summer Trip to IDAHO!
It was a blast.

Grandma Laura was rarely found without one of these girlies all over her.
Boating at Blacktail. It was a WINDY day so we resorted to mostly tubing.

Some of the crew near Jackson, WY about to go white-water rafting. Hayden, Lex, Me, Brad.
15 people on a 10 person raft - haha. We were a little crowded but it made for fun times. The front middle, my mom, Hayden and Alexis, got a nice drenching of water through kahuna. Brad and Sean did their job on keeping the front down, that's for sure :). I'm sure Hayden thought he was swimming in the river there was so much water. Way to be tough! Heath always gives us a great ride and accompanied by the Thornton cousins always makes for good times. This first run my dad, Katie, and her boyfriend (Adam) fell out on the wimpiest rapid ever. It got nicknamed the bunny rapid. Needless to say, they were made fun of the whole trip. We also almost took out my dad and Adam by nearly crushing into a rock wall, thank goodness all of the excellent paddlers dug hard ;).

2nd trip down the river - Thornton Family with Brad and I. We had oodles of space and went on a GREAT ride.
Brad and Adam had the goal to ride Kahuna cowboy bronco style. They did excellent until....
Aunt Jenny was launched off safest spot of the boat. Who knows how CJ and Uncle Mike (very back) stayed on. They somehow landed back in the boat. Brad was strong enough to amazing hold on and not fall off. All I remember is me screaming and watching the boat as if was in slow motion. It came to an almost a complete stop as if it was stuck... sure enough I was in the river but grabbed on to the side. I saw Jenny get thrown off. I reached for her, we held on to the side of the boat, and quickly were pulled back on just in time for the next rapid, Launch-counter. We made it safe through the rest of the rapids, but somehow almost all the boat was thrown in or tossed out thanks to CJ and Uncle Mike. :)

Alexis GREW like a weed in 1 year. We are the same height now and I won't be surprised when she is taller than me.
We watched the Idaho Falls fireworks near the temple.
The Thornton family reunion was at Lava Hot Springs. We had a lot of fun. People went swimming, we went golfing, ate great food, went down the river on tubes. Alexis, Molly, Abby, and her friend went down the waterfall on the river. Crazy Girls! It was lots of fun and great to see how much all my younger cousins have grown. Thanks for the good times everyone. 
My dad took me, Brad, and Nick golfing, it was super fun and I got awesome the last 3 holes. We found more balls then we lost so that is always great :). Brad made a really nice chip-in to get a birdie. He had quite the celebratory dance afterwords that I had to take a picture.