October 31, 2009

When the trees turn


When we turn pumpkins into vampire cats and little monsters,


We had fun making our last minutes costumes come to life! We bought an Afro and used the old Napoleon Afro from two years ago and then threw on some jerseys and it got a little funny! Brad bought a crazy $1 makeup mask... it was pretty hilarious!

The boys at the party...
Cassie, me, and Kristin at the party...

The Pirates... Cute Kristin and Braxton!

Brad had fun last weekend at a ward hay ride party while I was helping sell at the Affair of the Heart in the city. He fell in love with Tractors...

October 26, 2009


Well, It looks like there is a common theme in my family.... Nick and Tristan are expecting their 3rd! CONGRATS to them! I'm so excited. I am impressed with Tristan because this will be her third all under the age of 3!

October 15, 2009

Soccer Star!

Brad got Bullet a soccer ball and he absolutely loves it. He will whine forever when you show him the ball until he gets it... pretty funny.

October 1, 2009

The best email ever....

I was checking my email this morning and I had a new one from my sister, Joy, with a title of "New Pics"....

Here are what their new family pictures look like!!! HOORAY!

I'm so excited for her. Jaclyn is 6 and I'm sure she is super excited for a sibling!!! Did I say I'm so excited!!??!!! I'm just bummed they live in New York, I gotta get out there!!