October 24, 2011


Pumpkins created by me, Kody, G-man, and Brad.
We had a great time carving pumpkins yesterday with the family. I found an awesome pattern on bhg.com for a Jack Russel. I think it turned out good! Brad's was awesome too. Kody and Garrett had fun playing with knives.

School is going great. CRAZY BUSY (I should be reading my text books right now). It's not that the program is academically killing, it's not med school, but it is a lot of new concepts and tons and tons of assignments... introduction into being a teacher I guess. We write a lot of lesson plans. I haven't met a teacher yet that actually uses lessons plans, but hey, I'm sure it's great practice on organizing a lesson. I do like the one professor that requires us to write down our "teacher talk", I think that is really effective. Anyways, I am enjoying all that I am learning and the way they are instructing us to teach is super effective. I do, we do, you do together, and you do it alone - gradual release of instruction, just like riding a bike. There are way too many classrooms full of  "teacher teaches and then student do it alone" going on out there! Oh yeah, I'm in a first grade class all day on Wednesday and there have been sooo many times when I literally have to turn around so the students don't see me laughing hysterically. It is quite the funny class.

Brad is really enjoying his new job as general manager of Hillsports. He is the go-to guy and he comes home exhausted. The business has been built really well, now he is just keeping up with the work load and bringing in his contacts for business as well. He comes home with funny stories and he is happy, it couldn't be better. It has been really nice to actually have most weekends off from both of us working, we are actually home more often. It usually consists of me doing homework and brad watching tv though :).

We are officially first time house hunters. Hopefully in the next couple of months we will find an awesome house. Luckily my Dad's best friends wife (and his cousin), Linda Hansen, is a real estate agent and so we are in good hands. With interest rates at 3.75% we don't want to miss out. We love where we are at now, but neighbors and no yard gets old. 

Can't wait for Thanksgiving in my parents new house!