August 28, 2009

Fun Baby Gifts!

I have been wanting to make these forever. I finally found a reason to - a baby gift for a friend. I think they turned out better than I was expecting. I have never appliqued anything so I was a little nervous. I had to un-stitch my first one, but after the first one I caught on quick. Fun stuff!

August 16, 2009

Tri Stake Dance

All of our girls had a blast at the dance this weekend. It was a tri- stake dance so there were a lot of kids (comparable to a stake dance back in Utah or Idaho). Our girls are awesome and I'm loving my calling as 2nd counselor.

August 10, 2009

Happy 2!

We've been married for 2 years!

This year Brad surprised me with a little one night get-away for our anniversary. He took me to the Arcadian Inn Bed & Breakfast in Edmond, OK. Neither of us have ever been to a bed and breakfast but this was FABULOUS!!!!!!!

It was so personalized. When we first arrived our names were on the front porch...

They took us on a tour and we were welcomed to the "Garden Room".

Our names were everywhere... There were these cards in the bathrobes...

Breakfast was awesome!!! They even had a personalized note as well...

We more than enjoyed our stay and we recommend it to anyone. They have other rooms that are decorated fun and "grandma whimsical" as well. They even give you coupons and bath salts to take home.

In memory of August 10, 2007 here are our favorite Wedding Pictures:

I love you Brad. Thank you for the great stay at the Arcadian Inn!
These past two years have been the best years of my life.
I owe you :)

Lake Skiatook

We went camping/boating to Lake Skiatook near Tulsa. It was so much fun. Cassie's parents have the nicest boat, it is actually classified as a yacht. It is probably a little big for ski sports but it is pretty dang nice when you can cruise across waves and choppy water going 55! Anyways, the wake was huge for wakeboarding so needless to say, brad and I still have headaches and sore necks from wiping out. These are the best pics we got over the weekend.... I need to be better about taking pictures.

I should have gotten pictures of the camp groud. Cassie's parents tent was so decked out. AC unit inside, rug, make shift side table and all!!! We were lucky to have an ac unit in our tent... it would have been a sleepless night. Bullet, Kia, and Lex (all dogs) had the best time ever as well. The three of them are hillarious! Yep, i know, i should have taken pictures... oh well. Just imagine.