June 5, 2012

Summer Time!

Finals ended, Netflix, Sleeping in, no homework, swimming, house projects, visitors... I love summer :).

BRAD's 27th BIRTHDAY!!!!
We went to the Piano Guys 1 yr birthday celebration. Brad won $100 gift card, a signed email conversation of the program, and a custom voice mail. Here is one of our favorite youtube videos of them... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgovv8jWETM... it was filmed outside of St. George. The concert was AMAZING... they are so talented and entertaining in person. For Brad's birthday on May 20, we had a family dinner at the park and that weekend we went to dinner and shopping for brad - I love you BG.
Signed email conversations about the program by the Piano Guys and crew.

Painting the TV wall blue

Getting shelves and knickknacks
book page wreath... painted striped curtains.... awesome clock

Entry table re-decor.... new mirrors.
My favorite find at Ross.

painted jars...
poured and swirled paint inside vases/jars from DI.

Where we met, lived, and live prints

What color should I paint the reddish wooden thing?

This is what happens when your forget to
water your flowers when they live in the
St. George dry heat. :)

Can't wait for our Idaho trip and the rest of the summer! It's been GREAT!