April 16, 2012


This post is for my brother, Nick, who is always making fun of "GOING GREEN" marketing because of all the hoax and load of garbage some of it is.

This last weekend we went lawn-mowing shopping and we have been debating on whether to get a all natural push mower, totally green friendly  - it even came with a grass catcher bag :). Well, we got it because Sears told us that if you don't get the results you want just return it with not hassles. It works like a champ and we won't be returning it! It really isn't hard to push either - especially for the size of front yard we have. When we get our back yard in we might have to start to pollute the air and buy a motorized machine ;).

 Video of the FIRST push....then Bullet's poop got in the way so Brad had to stop.

Video after the length was right... it's AWESOME :)

Here is a little project that we finished recently. My crafty and talented aunt of mine sawed off the end of a table to make an entryway table from it awhile back. We had an extra table lying around so I thought I would try it. We love it and it totally works for the space. All it took was a little sawing and painting with paint we already have from the baseboards/doors (which we are still in the process of finishing).

Better get back to homework to finish my 40 page paper on analyzing and synthesizing assessments... what fun!

April 2, 2012


We are loving our new home! We have a million projects stacking up... this summer is going to be fun. This weekend we installed blinds and a water softener - the water is extremely hard here. Hopefully this weekend we can finish painting the baseboards and doors white. The next major thing on the list is to get a wall/fence up. Then we have a long list of new furniture since all of our furniture was free and used. Our turquoise and mismatching table and chairs have got to go :).

Conference was great and made me realize that our ugly furniture is okay and we are just blessed to have what we have. My favorite quote this weekend... "Don't judge me because I sin differently". I googled the quote and people have already created things off of Elder Uchtdorf's bumper sticker quote. Usually "don't judge me" sayings drive me nuts, but I really liked this one. This quote made Brad and I laugh because of how true it is.

Brad got in a wreck last week and is very lucky to walk away with no injuries. It was a four car pile-up on the Boulevard. A BRAND NEW F-150, with less than 20 miles and no plates yet, rammed into a jeep, the jeep hit Brad (who was stopped in traffic), and brad hit the car in front of him. Our back bumper is totally smashed, the trunk is stuck shut, the rear lights are all bent up, and the front of the car is dinged up too. The picture doesn't give it justice. The insurance appraiser estimated $2800 worth of damage. We will see what the dealership repair place says about that.

Brad is fine, he had minor whiplash. The first car the truck hit was a Jeep that had a big rail on the back, I'm sure that took a lot of impact off. I'm sure the owner of brand new truck is going to receive a major rise of his premiums. When the driver of the truck got out Brad said he stated, "my breaks were really mushy and didn't stop in time" - yeah right!

Some of our best friends in Oklahoma, Nick and Cassie, had their twin boys! I'm soo aching to go out there! They are adorable. My sister, Joy and sister in-law, Tristan both had their baby boys this past month as well. Babies galore! 

Anyways, 4 weeks until school is out... a lot of projects ahead of me. Papers, assessment project, lesson plans, unit plans, practicum assignments, finals, praxis test, then SUMMER BREAK!