February 21, 2011

House pics

The new Garrett residence! If anyone wants to visit we would love visitors! (Or if you are on a road trip and need a place to crash, we would love to have anyone!) We have a guest bed and bath just for visitors :)

Hint Hint... dad, mom, and lex... and the Harrisons!
 Living Room with patio doors to front yard/park.
  Master bedroom
 Room off of garage/weight room/craft room  &   Laundry room

  Brad's hammock fits perfect. That path in the background goes to the neighborhood park.

Bullet's yard... he is loving it and loves when cooper comes to play.

The only problem is I have a huge list of stuff I need to buy... spare bed, new couches, rugs, towels, etc... I could go on forever. I will have to choose one thing a month I guess :). First thing on the list is to make the pillows for our bed! 

We love our new house! We are just renting it for now and crossing our fingers that brad lands a teaching job here in the upcoming months.

February 10, 2011

February has been good...

 It was my Mom's and Mom In-Laws Birthdays!!! Happy birthday you great  ladies! Shauny and I made this edible arrangement above... super easy and fun. I will definitively be doing more of those in the future. Fruit is expensive right now, but you could easily make a huge one for under $10. A great alternative to cake for the Garretts who are non-sweets people :).
Garrett has bee having fun in Bullets kennel. We've had to use it lately because bullet sneaks out of the fenced yard. He squeezes until he fits through the bars of the fence... dang dog! We won't have to worry about that for long though.....

WE ARE MOVING INTO A HOUSE! It has a fenced yard, 2 bed, 2 bath, awesome mater bath, huge kitchen, mud room for washer and dryer, right on a park... etc. I could go on and on and on because I'm so excited! Its just down the street from brad's parents so we will be in the same ward. Hopefully it works out where we can rent this house for a year or more until we can buy a house. Oh, it's a happy day! We've been so fortunate and blessed to live with brad's parents for almost year. It has really been super easy and comfortable, but I'm excited for brad and I to just be in our own place again.

 We just bought this dresser... unique I know, but we needed something that would match our dark brown ones, I think this will be a great piece to mix in with what we have.

 I also got new bedding! We have been wanting a duvet and down comforter, so I finally broke down and got one. I'm going all white and putting the throw on the end of the bed. Since pillows are anywhere from $20 - $50 at stores, I'm to cheap to buy them so I'm making my own... this is one of my favorites that i'm going to make...

I'm super excited and I start this Fall 11'.