September 17, 2010


I bought this awesome frame at a garage sell in Oklahoma well over a year ago! I loved the frame and I've always wanted a temple pic or a wedding pic in it but the problem was my favorite wedding picture wouldn't crop down into a 20x16 photo without cutting our bodies off or Moroni off. I've also been searching for a temple one since I bought the frame but I never fell in love with one. This has been going on for more than a year and just the other month I started my google search again in hopes of finding something. I did!!!!! And the girl is from Mannan, Idaho! CRAZY! Check out her blog HERE ... she is amazingly talented and I hope her business grows because her work is awesome! I was sooooo happy to find her.

I'm also super excited because my Aunt Jenn has put her photoshop skills into editing my favorite wedding pictures so I can print them on canvas or matted. I haven't seen them yet but I know they are going to be awesome. Next time I go to Idaho I'm going to have my dad help me make a frame. I can't wait! I just need to ask him :) 

One last awesome creation thanks to my awesome friend Kristin who did this for her little boy....

I gave my sister Joy a onesie with an applique of a tie for Will and she fell in love with it. She sent me a bunch of onesies to make more and I had her send me some of her husband's tie so I could do this for her. They are much much cuter than the applique ties! Super cute... if you want to know how to make them just let me know. They are super easy... a lot quicker than the appliques! 


Alisa and Sky said...

LOVE your temple picture and frame!!! That looks so beautiful!! That onesie is so adorable! I want to learn how to make them! We need to hang out with yall soon! Its been forever!

Joy McClean said...

Alex and I just saw Will's adorable tie onesie . . . sooooo adorable! Oh yeah, Alex is crazy over it. I can't wait to get their pic together wearingg mathing ties.

Did you know Will's nickname is "Little Man?" He's definitely going to look like a little man in his real tie. Thanks a bunch, Whit!

Also, we're way impressed that you made your own headboard! Is there anything you can't do? Seriously, why are you going into teaching? You should get a job with HGTV or something.

Love ya, sis!


Alexis T. Thompson said...

That is a really cool picture!!!
I love it. It's bright and cheery dudet!!! :P haha, see you if you come up here!!
-Lexi (Your BEST sister) haha jk

Ashley Christensen said...

Oh my gosh Whit, I've been doing the same exact thing except for a picture of the San Diego Temple...I want something new that not a lot of people have. You are so lucky! The picture is beautiful! And so is the frame :) Love your blog...miss you guys!