September 29, 2010


September has FLOWN by... here are some updates of what has happened lately...
  • I started school at Dixie State :)
(I should be doing homework right now but I can't focus so I turned to the bog) I'm taking 15 credits and it has definitively been an adjustment for me. There have been some meltdowns but I'm just grateful for my awesome husband who calms me down and laughs at how dramatic I can be. Thank goodness I have Brad from my Spanish tutor because Spanish is my hardest class this semester, I feel sooo behind compared to all the other kids who took Spanish throughout all of high school. My History class is a lot of work, two papers a week, but I have learned a lot by his different approach to teaching history. My Education Math class is interesting to say the least. My Education Human Exceptionalities is really great - I love my professor, Dr. Peterson. She is a great teacher and a huge inspiration for all of us "teachers in training". I'm hoping to apply for the Education program in January to be accepted in Fall 2011... it is a two year program. If all goes well I should be done Spring 2013!
  • We are officially motorcycle endorsed!
  This scooter is sweet. It's a 2008 and the lady only had 300 miles on it - we have already doubled the miles. It is in great condition and we loved the fact that it is orange! We had to take a written and driving motorcycle test in order to drive this baby (notice the orange cones - I set up a course to practice for the test - haha, I was nervous I wouldn't pass!). That meant I had to get a Utah Drivers license... here in Utah they make you take a test that was about 50 or so questions. I had to laugh at that because in Oklahoma all they needed to see was your social security and previous license! Anyways, after many trips to the dmv to take all the flipping tests we finally got our motorcycle endorsement and we are loving the scooter. Brad drives it every day to work at his ESL job at Washington Elementary. Brad has some funny stories about the testing but you will just have to ask him :) he might shoot me!

  • Brad's parents recently remolded their Kitchen... it turned out great and really updated their kitchen!
(Before and  After)

  • We are helping Shauntel coach Alex's volleyball team. It has been fun to coach them... Alex has really improved - watch for her at some division I school in about 5 years or so :)
  • I'm going to Idaho during my Fall break with April - hooray! Can't wait to see my family - I miss them.
  • I'm going to Oklahoma the weekend after Idaho during OSU's homecoming to help Natalie at her booth. Her new shirt this year is my all time favorite. I can't wait to see everyone - thanks to Kendria and Natalie!!! I'm super excited
  • Brad is loving his ESL job but we both are anxious for a full time job to open up. 
  • I spent a good 30 minutes bawling reading Presley's Story  - check it out.
I think that wraps up September... October is coming ready or not :). For now, back to homework because that is my life these days!


Nancy J said...

Sounds like you are busy but happy. Enjoyed the update. We will be excited to see you when you come up this way.

Ashley Christensen said...

Oh my gosh! LOVE the scooter! Mike kind of wants one haha but we don't need it at this moment in our lives lol. And congrats about school, you'll do great! Mike sometimes laughs at how dramatic I can be when I'm stressed out about school, so know you aren't the only one! :)

Danna said...

Thanks for the reminder you gave me of how lucky I am to have my little girl. Sometimes I forget just how wonderful of a blessing it is. I too bawled over Preslee's Story.

I am glad you are doing good and keeping busy. Good for you for going back to school! You can do it!

Coach Kiester said...

I am getting to redo this kitchen and that looks like the same color I bought to repaint the cupboards. Any tips for me? Also, I'm glad you updated your blog.... was getting worried that you were buried in a mountain of school work and couldn't get out. :) You will be an awesome teacher. Keep up the great work and know that it's all worth it as long as you keep balance in your life. :D

Coach Kiester said...

I like your music. Your last post was in September. It's NOVember. Just sayin'. :) :) Miss your sweet spirit.