December 7, 2010

Weekend of Fun with...

Our awesome friends from Stillwater, The Linsenmeyers! VEGAS, ST. GEORGE & SALT LAKE!

They flew into Las Vegas and spent a couple days there. Brad and I picked them up and we went to dinner and stayed at the Luxor, the pyramid hotel. It was a crazy hotel! I forgot my camera so we didn't get any pictures. The highlight of Vegas was the Nike Outlet at the Premium Outlets, North of Vegas. Good thing I've saved up my tip money... we came out with a Santa Clause size bag of stuff! So much fun :)

We took them to St. George and stayed the night here. We showed them the St. George Temple and the rest of town. I had to take them to Down East Outfitters, since there is nothing like that in Oklahoma. Kristin found awesome deals.We took them to the Durangos mexican resturant and then to Frostop for dessert and sweet potato fries! (Harrisons, you better come out soon to try them too!)

We then drove up North to Salt Lake and stayed with our other friends that were in the Stillwater 2nd ward, the Sandovals. They have a really nice house with awesome views of the mountains. Temple square was beautiful and we even got to go to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional in the conference. It was really neat. The lights were so beautiful and the music and talks were amazing.


It was a great weekend - we love our friends! 
ONE more week of classes and then ONE week of FINALS!!! The semester is almost over!!

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Coach Kiester said...

Still love your music. Still love you and your sweet "merry" spirit. Love the pictures too. Thank you for brining sunshine in my life. :D