January 3, 2011

Holidays 2010 to 2011!

We had a great Christmas in Idaho this year. It was soo good to see everyone (minus Joy's family and April). I was lacking in picture taking this year... I was just enjoying chillin' and relaxing. We had a really fun Christmas Eve party at my aunt Nancy's house. Nancy's boy, Hayden was the star of entertainment - he sure had us laughing a lot. Hayden, Hannah, and Maverick gave us tickets to a show that was quite hilarious - we were all crammed in Hayden's room laughing our guts out. 

Christmas Morning was at my parents house and Nick's family spent it with us. It was fun to see all of his girls - they all have quite the personalities - so cute!

 Tilly is adorable and starting to crawl!
 Trinity wasn't such a good girl this year, so says her parents, and so Santa pulled a trick on her. They opened a big box and Izzy and Tilly had a pillow pet but Trinity only had an old white pillow. She was so mad and confused and then the water works started and she was bawling in her dad's arms. Nick told her that she needed to me a nice girl and stop crying and Santa has a surprise... so he pulled out the present from Santa.
 When she opened her unicorn pillow pet she about hyperventilated in excitement. It was really funny. She wasn't about to let her unicorn go either.

 Santa did something fun for alexis this year... he wrapped about 10 boxed inside each other and finally it got to a small box with a new ipod touch! She was super excited. She also got a cricut that was super fun to play with. I want one now for my classroom when I'm a teacher!

 It turns out pillow pets were quite the hit this year. All of my aunts girls had one at my Grandparents Christmas party on the Sunday after christmas. It was cute to see them all sitting on them.
 I'm going to miss them!
 Grandpa made these awesome treasure jewelry boxes for the little girls this year.
He is an amazing wood worker - I love all of his projects. 

I had a really fun party with the wives of Brad's friends. We did a "Favorite Things" party. We each had a $30 limit total for all 4 gifts and had to buy/make our favorite thing for the 4 other wives. It was really fun and I want to do something like that again! I gave them the keychains I make, recipe to my favorite banana chocolate chip muffins, and lipgloss from Bath and Body Works. The guys came afterwords and had their usual reminiscing party about the good old days. The girls just sit and laugh at them and their funny stories. They got on a huge argument about sports and we decided they need to have their own ESPN Sports Center show, it would be very entertaining. I forgot my camera so no pictures... 
New Years was quite boring this year... we worked at frostop until 11 and I was sick so I went to bed. :) Happy 2011!

It snowed in St. George last night!
We woke up to snow this morning . Wyatt was over early with Kate and Lucas and we went sledding in the park. Shauntel and her family came over and we went to the Desert Hills H.S. field and built snowman and forts. It was fun to play in the snow since Idaho didn't have much this year. By late afternoon you would have never known it snowed - it melted really fast. 

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