January 7, 2011

Bad Luck...

 We really don't know how it happened. Check our shattered back window - There were millions of pieces.

The only thing we can think that may have caused it would be from when Brad removed the vinyl School of Ball lettering from the window a couple nights ago. The next day Brad came out from work with the window looking like this...

 I'm assuming there was a big enough scratch where the vinyl had been and moisture probably froze in it over night (it did get to freezing temps). I bet when the morning's sun heated the window while brad was at work it may have changed the temperature too fast causing the whole dang window to shatter. There was absolutely no sign of vandalism or it being hit so that is the only thing we can think it would be.

We called the autoglass place and got an appointment for the next morning. As I drove there it could hear the window cracking and just wanting to collapse. When I pulled in the businesses parking lot it started to collapse inside the car- good timing.

I had been there for about and hour and I hear the guy yell, "Crap, this isn't the right window!" I heard him talking on the phone to someone and then he came to tell me the bad news that I already had figured out. Apparently the window that was in the box wasn't correct. The correct window would be brought down from Vegas later that afternoon. Well, I had to run errands for a quilt I am working on and so I was blasting the heater to stay warm and I was just thankful I live in St. George so I didn't have to worry too much about much being stolen out of my windowless car. I still worried and sprinted through the store :).

Later that afternoon I took it back in and the mechanic fixed it up. I worked that night and when driving home from work the rear defroster wasn't working... grr... I swear he still didn't put the back window in. The whole way home my window was frosted over, usually they work really quick. Tomorrow we will bring the car in again and hopefully get the defroster fixed too.

It could be worse so I can't complain, at least it happened this week and not next week when school starts up again. Plus, I really can't complain because I'm working on a quilt for a little girl that is expected to die in a week or two. I'm just grateful to be able to worry about silly things like cars. Death is hard. I'll post pictures of the awesome keepsake quilt later.

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Nick said...

As far as the defroster not working it is most likely they did not hook it up, it is just a spade connector on each side.

and as far as the back window shattering in the first place, unless brad shattered it at the time he was removing the vinyl, something hit it and shattered it. It is tempered glass, it doesnt crack or scratch deep without shattering. All it takes is a little pin pointed pressure to break it. If a blunt object hit is (like a round rock) it would probably not break, unless it had a lot of mass/velocity.

Some "hoodlums" may have shot it out with a BB gun, which would have been hard to see where it hit amongst the cracks.

Hopefully you get it sorted out with the mechanic and it doesnt happen again.