November 24, 2008

New Scoot, Lesson Learned!

I can't believe I haven't posted anything on our fun purchase about a month ago!

Actually, I know why... It was such a headache I am just barley beginning to enjoy it. We learned allot from this purchase. Brad and I have never purchased a used motor vehicle or any motor vehicle in that matter so we were new to the business. We bought the bike from some hicks in the middle of no where and it hadn't been registered since 06'. Well that piece of info didn't even phase us and everything else about the bike was GREAT and the price was awesome. We purchased the scoot and when we went to transfer the title the lady said, "oh man, this is going to be pricey!" She said since it hasn't been registered since 06' you have to cover the costs. She wrote us a receipt of all the fines and past fees over two years and said why don't you go talk to the seller. Anyways, the total extra fees came to about $300. I called the lady and she had her husband call me. Lets just say he was so rude I was crying after I got off the phone. Anyways, after MUCH yelling and arguments they finally sent us $100. I guess that was better than nothing and it all worked out because it made up for the sweet deal we were getting in the first place. Brad loves the scooter and I love not having to make so many trips with our one car! Too bad it's not ORANGE!


Ryan and Danna said...

Welcome to the scooter club! Aren't they so fun? It is definately the best investment we have made because it makes it so much easier with the one car situation like you said. I'm sorry you had a little trouble getting it, but hopefully it will be worth it to you!

Aaron and Chels said...

Hey Brad, it's Chelsea Wolfley (Terry ha ha) good to hear from you! Sorry Whitney, you don't know me-I went to high school with BG. Glad to see you're doing good! All is well for us. Keep in touch!