February 15, 2009

Happy Love Day!

Our day started off with me making heart shaped french toast for brad. It was a scrumptious breakfast. I cooked up 3/4 of a package of bacon as well. I had two strips and brad had the rest!!!!! Now he wonders why his stomach has been KILLING all day, so bad he stayed home from church.... crazy kid, the bacon got the best of him.

Brad surprised me with some pretty flowers, jewelery, candy and a funny card. I got Brad a body pillow because he sleeps with 5 pillows while I sleep with one and it drives me crazy because when i wake up in the middle of the night and look to see what time it is I can't see over the mountain of pillows.

Hope you had a great day!!! Thanks Brad, I love you!

Bullet also says Happy Valentine's Day!


Aubrey said...

Happy Valentine's Day. That french toast does look scrumptious. And I understand about the pillows except Carlin ends up pushing all of his off and then stealing mine!

Melissa said...

Cute french toast! What a good idea- much easier than heart shaped pancakes. And awesome about the body pillow- who knew a man could love his pillows so much. I love it.

sharon said...

hi, I am Aubrey's mom, sharon. I was wondering if you could tell me how big are your squares on the t-shirt quilt? I want to make a quilt for my parents for their anniversary and I like the size of the squares on the quilt. you can give me the answer on this comment site, I'll check back.

whit said...

sorry sharon - I just got your comment for some reason so sorry for the late response. My piece of plexi glass that I use to cut the tshirts is 15x15. I use a 1/2" seam so the finished size is 14x14. I use 1/2" seam because when i iron on the interfacing to the t-shirts sometime they stretch weird and aren't exactly square - 1/2" is safest.