June 12, 2009

Hail, Boating, Poor Bullet, and a new friend...

This morning I was working the front desk at the Wellness Center. It was a cloudy morning with 20% chance of rain, typical day here. Well around 9:15 the sky started rapidly changing to something like this.... (these storm pics are from an email from a friend)

A girl I work with came up to me and said you better go outside and get your car under a tree, a storm is coming in. I did, and luckily so because this is what came next.....

There were reports of hail measuring up to 3 1/2 inches!!!!


Last weekend we went boating with Cassie's parents. They have a really nice boat, there is even a bathroom! It was really fun and you can see Brad and Nick had a hard time staying on the tube :)

Bullet's best friend, Kia

Poor Bullet...

Bullet was fixed this Wednesday. The poor little guy. The night we brought him home he didn't even want to move, he was whimpering every time he did move as well. He is doing a lot better now but has to wear the E Collar so he doesn't lick or chew the incision avoiding infection. It is so funny, he gets walking fast and will run into the walls! He is getting used to it and his toys have become challenges for him.

New Friend!!

Sexy Lexie is here. :) :) Nick and Cassie finally got their dog, a Mini Australian Sheppard. Too bad bullet can't run and play yet... he will just have to wait to play with his soon to be new best friend.


Melissa said...

WHOA! You got some really good shots of the hail- wow- I'll have to share that with my family. Poor little bullet- what a trooper he is. Glad you got to go boating, that is awesome!

Ryan and Danna said...

Wow, that hail was huge!! I am glad you moved your car or that would have been bad.