July 9, 2009

Our Vacation...

THE CAR... appx 40 hours total

We were debating whether to put Bullet on some meds to knock him out but we are sure glad we didn't. He slept the ENTIRE way to and from Utah!!! It was incredibly nice and we got super lucky.

The first Sunday we got there it was Louis's Farewell Sunday. He gave a great talk and he is going to be a great missionary in Singapore and Malaysia. After Church Brad's nephew, Kody, had a a blast wrestling with Bullet.

The HORSE and Bullet
One day we took Jade, Shauntell's GREAT Dane, and Bullet to the river to play. It was so funny seeing the two of them play. Jade is a horse compared to Bullet.

Wyatt and Jeannette have a pool so a lot of time was spent there. Brad found a new pool buddy as well, Lucas. Whitney and Brandon also came to visit!!!! That was a blast!!!

If you have never been skimboarding you need to try it! Brad got it down really quick, even Bullet was going crazy trying to jump on the board every time someone would throw theirs.

Tyler took us shooting because he has every type of gun you can imagine. I guess serving in the Marines and now being a cop in Vegas can get you addicted. Bullet was the funniest there. We totally forgot to think about his natural instincts. He is a hunting dog so he was going absolutely crazy when we had to hold him down while we were shooting. You will just have to watch the video....

Bullet going crazy:

Brad firing the shotgun as fast as he can...

Me shooting a 9mm as fast as I could...


The Twins were Born!!!!



Good Bye Elder Garrett!

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