April 1, 2010

Bullet and Young Womens

Bullet is crazy... he will get these burst of energy after a bath and do this:
(this was right after i went on a jog with him too!)

We had our New Beginnings Program last night. It turned out really well! We have the best girls in our ward and we even honored two of them that completed the program and are working on their honor bee!

Tomorrow we are doing a Dessert Auction for a fundraiser for Girls Camp. I went to wal mart to buy my stuff for my dessert. I got clear plastic wrap to cover the chocolate dipped oreos and when i got home i noticed it was Shrink Wrap stuff so i was thinking crap whit, look at the dang packaging before you buy stuff! But it turned out to be AWESOME STUFF!!! All you do it put your blow dryer to it and it shrinks to the object. I didn't do it too much against the oreos but on the plate it shrinked to every curve - so cool and it looks professional - it made my night! So... i recommend this stuff to everyone - it's in the basket aisle at wal mart.

Bullet learned a new trick too!

One more Bullet spotlight... at 8:30 pm every night he is out like a baby. Even when we are with his best friend, lexi, he completely ignores her and goes to sleep . Life is tough when you are Bullet! haha


Cassie & Nick said...

Hey, so you know we are lame when all we can talk about is our "fur children" haha! He's uber cute, im proud to call him Lexie's boyfriend! haha

Ryan, Danna, and Adalee!! said...

Oh goodness, looks like you have your hands full with bullet! Your treats look so yummy, I want to eat one! And...adorable haircut! You aren't allowed to cut your hair because every time you do it makes me want to cut mine, but I told myself I am growing it! haha. Anyway, super cute.

The Keogans said...

Those cookies look soo good! I've tried shrink wrapping a book I bought and wanted to return cuz I didn't feel like reading it anymore... it was a fun project... I still have the book.

Melissa said...

Oh wow those look amazing- I will definitely bid on those for sure!! Awesome to know about that shrink wrap stuff too! I'm excited for the auction! That is really neat to learn about the honor bee too- what a good idea! Way to go girls!!