September 9, 2011

Not Moving!

HOORAY! We don't have to move to Cedar City! Brad is taking over an employee's position that worked out of Hurricane and is one of the main dudes. Hurricane is only about a 25 minute commute from St. George. This job situation has really worked out nicely! All the stress I had about moving and commuting to school is GONE :). Maybe in the next year or so we will move out near Washington or Coral Canyon area... then it will only be about a 10-15 mile commute for Brad. But for now, I'm just happy.


Kristen said...

Congratulations! Things feel into place for you two.

Ashley Christensen said...

Not that I live there that it really matters, but I'm SO happy you're not moving! This just means that whenever we ARE there, we'll have a better chance of seeing you than if you were in Cedar! Congrats on the promotion!!