January 9, 2012


We had a great Christmas. Full of lots of fun with friends and family here in St. George. As soon as I was done with final exams we were able to go the the Forgotten Carols, which was great as always. Mike and Ashley were in town for over a month and it was really fun hanging out with them, playing games and going to Mike's parents cabin at PineValley. The four wheelers were struggling, but we made the most of it and had tons of fun playing games and eating food inside the nice, warm cabin. It was good to hang out with Skylar and Alisa too - we live in the same town and never see each other! 


The week before Christmas, we had a Garrett white-elephant party. It was a hoot. Garrett was loving the headband in the gift I had in the pile. Lucas, in the video, was going nuts that he actually got the lightening mcqueen car that he brought. I missed the first part - he was wigging out and shaking so hard, full of excitement.

We made gingerbread houses too.

Brad went Hog Hunting on Christmas eve day while I worked with other family at Frostop. They didn't shoot anything, but they said they saw a lot of tracks. (I'm glad they weren't able to shoot anything (: !)

Brad and I opened our gifts to each other on Christmas eve. We got each other shoes, brad got me a purse, and I gave brad a remote control car. I made brad a pop-up card that opened up into a house. We are getting super excited to be a first time home buyer (soon!). Christmas morning we all went to church with the in-laws and then had Christmas at their home. Both of our families spoiled us and we really appreciate everyone.

Bullet is the biggest cuddle bug and I swear he always has to be under a blanket, well I didn't have a blanket out and so he started pawing at my big sweatshirt that I was wearing. That little guy crawled up my hoodie and was seriously chilling in there and would have for a long time if I would have let him - so funny.

Christmas was great this year, I really enjoyed the LDS new bible videos of Christ's birth. What a great representation. The story is amazing and I'm so grateful for His gift to the world. I also gained a new appreciation for the many people who took part in Christ's birth and life that had enough faith to do what they did. 

Well, Brad's job as the general manager at Hillsports is going great. We had a fun Christmas party with the company, ate yummy food and went to Sherlock Homes. He is doing very well and starting to feel comfortable with his position.

School starts tomorrow for me.... darn. The break has been super nice. It was weird to not have homework or some project in the back of my head over the past 3 weeks. Let the maddness begin tomorrow :).

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