July 30, 2008

I'm Frustrated!!!

Somehow I can't login to my old blog. I created the blog I had under whit_garrett@hotmail.com and just yesterday I was able to access everything just like usual. I noticed up on top it showed me logged in as gmail account I had created about a week ago for a new buisness I am creating... Anyways, I didn't like the name of the email account and I was planning of deleting it. I figured if I deleted that account it would quit saying I was signed in as that gmail address and have be signed in as whit_garrett@hotmail .com. Well I am pretty sure when deleted that gmail account it somehow for somereason deleted access to my old blog. Now I can't access my blog. When I sign in as whit_garrett@hotmail it comes up saying I don't have any blogs and wants me to create a new one. My whitgarrett.blogspot.com blog is there but it is all messed up and unaccessable! I wrote emails to gmail and they haven't responded so I am just figuring it will be easiest if I start all over... so here is my new blog - what a pain!

Previous History of the Garrett's: http://www.whitgarrett.blogspot.com/

(all the pictures are all messed up :( ... If anyone has any great ideas how I can access my old blog let me know!)


Ryan and Danna said...

Oh my, what a pain. That is frustrating! Computers just suck sometimes. So what buisness are you starting? You are too creative so I'm sure it's something cool. Have a great day and hope things get better with the blog!

Steph said...

What a huge frustration!! I am so sorry. Thanks for giving me the link to your new blog, though. I hope you can figure out what's up...until then I'll keep checkin' this site.