September 29, 2008


Here is a fun tag that I received from Melissa. It’s a fun one.

1. Briefly describe something stupid that you've done:

I’ve done many stupid things in my teen years but here’s one that can actually be laughed at!

When I was a freshman I was really anxious to drive. It was tax season so my mom was working. When I got home from school I had until about 5:30 till my dad came home. My brother would come home after school but then he would leave and go do his thing. My friend Camille lived just a couple miles away from me. I knew how to drive so it seamed like a harmless idea to go pick her up and drive around. So, what do you know, I would take the “Love Truck” (our beater old GMC) out for a drive. It was hard to start but I got it down. I would pick up Camille, then we would drive out in the country passing all the boys houses that we had crushes one. This would happen at least 3 times a week. The adventurous times soon ended when my parents brought me in with the “look” and threatened me to tell them what I was doing after school. Anyways, I wasn’t about to tell them and they said, “Whitney, we know you have been driving the truck so you better fess up or you are not going to Hawaii” (we had a school trip to Hawaii coming up soon). That got me to spit it out with many tears needless to say.
Anyways, they wouldn’t tell me who told them, but I’m sure my neighbors totally saw many times, and it’s not hard to tell if gas has been missing from a truck that rarely is used. Also, my dad is a mileage tracker! (imagine the picture but a brown and cream rusted truck!... much cuter)

So, when I have kids I guess I will have to start paying attention to mileage and making sure there aren’t any mysterious miles added to a car :).

2. Name something brilliant that you've done lately:
Started my own business. Selling is going well!
3. Write a paragraph out of your journal from five or ten or fifteen years ago, closest to today's date. Feel free to change names to protect your dignity:

I wish I had my journals with me… They are in boxes in Idaho. I might have to call my little sister to pull them out and find the date!
I bet it says something about being in spud harvest for two weeks, working for my dad as a Johnstone pup, and having volleyball practice. I’m also sure it says something about the current crush and my new best friend.

4. What is something you love about yourself (don't worry, no one will think you're bragging):
I love that I am dependable and reliable.
I love dependable people so I try to make that one of my qualities.

5. Name a useless talent that you have:

I think have a talent of leaving clothes on the ground. I am a clutter bug in our bedroom. It drives brad crazy… I’m pretty good everywhere else with picking things up but my shoes and clothes have a hard time making it back to where they belong. Now that is a USELESS talent!

6. Tell a short experience that makes you laugh:
We were camping with the Harrisons last spring and a forever moment was born. While we were sitting around the campfire I was looking at the stars and said “back home we have the big dipper, what do you guys have here?” there was a moment of silence and then everyone busted up laughing. They all said, “ARE YOU KIDDING!!! WE HAVE THE SAME SKY HERE AS IN IDAHO!”

I blame it on my lack of knowledge of space. I was terrified of aliens when I was little. I would have extreme nightmares. Whenever we would learn about space or anything in the area at school I would totally zone out and ignore everything. The unknown and dark infinity of space always freaked me out.

I tag: Jen, Cassie, Whit, Natalie, Danna


Ryan and Danna said...

You are a funny girl. I love to read about your moments of stupidity. They make me laugh :) I will try to complete the tag!

Melissa said...

Way to go and do the tag! That is a really funny story about the big dipper- are you blond or what? Just kidding. Way to go with your business, you are amazing and so are your quilts.

Anonymous said...

Oh Whitney you are so funny. I just love you!

Steph said...

How fun! I need to get on the stick and do my tag from Melissa... Your quilts are so beautiful!! I am super impressed at your talent!!