October 28, 2008


I've been the biggest SLACKER about posting lately. I stay caught up with other people's blogs but I haven't found time to blog myself :). I have been crazy busy with work, my little sewing business, and helping Natalie with her business.

Two weekends ago was homecoming, WOW what a fun and crazy weekend! Friday night was the annual homecoming walkaround. If you missed the walk check it out... they did a great job this year. For those of you who don't know what it is... the frat houses work on this for months... they glue tissue paper in chicken fence (pomping). IT's amazing!

(it's really long... so just skip through)

I helped Natalie and her sister and mom sell at the walk around. It was crazy busy the whole time... we sold a TON of shirts! That night I hurried over with Tyson and Kristen to the Homecoming hoops to watch the mens and women's team play. Poor brad, looks like he won't ever get to play in homecoming hoops :(. It was great and they guys did well.

Then that Saturday the Football team beat Baylor! We set up two booths that day and the guy who randomly set up his booth the week before through the biggest fit ever becuase we took "his spot". He was fired up and was yelling in Natalies mom's face. It was so embarrasing for him. He calmed down eventually and just found another spot.

This past weekend I met Natalie down in OKC to keep her company at the Affair of the Heart craft show. There was TONS of people! It was great and Natalie even bought be the CUTEST purse for game days.

Anyways, that's what i've been up to.

Oh yeah... we took brad to the city last week to get another bone scan that was more advanced. They didn't see anything that the haven't already seen so that's good news. If the coaches don't rush him we are hoping he should be back end of Decemeber. But now brad is saying that his other shoulder is having problems! I told brad, well you might as well get it taken care of now while OSU is paying for it! By the rate this kid is going I might just be a widow! - No we are really bummed out and I just PRAY that he will be able to play in one game!

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Melissa said...

Cute cute bags- are you guys getting ideas to make them for cool chicks? Sorry that Brad won't play- dang it! He needs to stop hurting himself. Homecoming was awesome- incredible stuff.