December 16, 2008

Love Her...


Lexi is ten years younger than me and there is no one in between so she is goign to be an only child for a long time - about 8 more years. I remember the night of our wedding as we were driving off to the airport I was bawling because I felt so bad for Alexis. Brad was probably thinking, "who did I marry?!"

Lex is probably the best friend you could have. She has so many "best friends" in school and I know why. She lets her personality shine whoever she is around and she can get along with anyone. So this post is dedicated to her... who i get to see Sunday!

(Her luscious lips at Tauphus Park, Idaho Falls)

(Being a Nerd for Halloweed 08' - she pulls it off well! )

(First day of the school year 08'-09'.)

(Alexis with our cute cousins at Blast Off! - Brianne, Kaylee, Hayden, and Hannah)
(Alexis with her cute kitten Skittles.)



Melissa said...

What a sweet post to your mini-me. That is so cute- I loved all the pictures. I'm happy you get to see her soon!

Alexis T. Thompson said...

Thanks Whit!!! I never got a chance to comment, as elvis would say: "Thank ya, Thank ya very much." =P I ♥ U! ☺