January 1, 2009

what a GREAT holiday break!

This year Brad and I went to Idaho for Christmas. We flew out on the Sunday before Christmas. We were lucky to even land in Idaho Falls because of the crazy weather they have been having. We made it safe and sound with only little delays.

I didn't even get any pictures on christmas day... I don't know what I was thinking. That's okay though the ones I took are still fun.

Brad had to come back to Oklahoma on the 26th and he called me when he made it to the tulsa airport telling me he doesn't have the keys to the car (they were in my purse!). I felt so bad, anyways, I got ahold of some good friends, kendria and brad and they drove him half way to stillwater where Nick and Cassie drove in half way to take him the rest. Thank goodness for good friends! Thanks guys!

To add to car fiascos when I got back in on the 30th I was welcomed to a dead car. I found the shuttle people to ask if they can help. No problem, minutes later we got the car jump started but then the car alarm went off and we couldn't get it to turn off. After unplugging the fuse it finally turned off and I was off. I pulled up and the tire hit something so I got out of the car to check my tires. What do you know, the car alarm went off again and I found that I only hit a can of soda and my tire was okay. But then the car died again! I had to find the people again to start my car. As soon as we got the car alarm off and it was started I started driving and didn't stop until I got home. Man it was a mess! To end the day the football team didn't have a great day and lost to Oregon.

Christmas was a blast though. My parents are awesome. They just sold their house and are currently renting an old farm house. It was kind of fun having Christmas in an old squeaky house with a basement my brother can't even stand up straight in. We had some fierce pingpong games and during a match my dad broke one on the lights with his arm! My dad and brad barely cleared the cealing but my 6'6 brother didn't have the same luck :).

We were all just grateful they found a house to rent because we wouldn't have squeezed into an apartment with all of us. I love my family and it was great to spend time with aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa, and all my brothers and sisters besides joy and her family.

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Happy New Year! I'm excited for the adventures of 2009! Who knows where or what we will be doing in 6 months... :) I wish I knew!

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Ryan and Danna said...

It sounds like you had an enjoyable christmas with the fam! With the exception of the car troubles...no fun! So where are your parents moving to? Happy New Year!