January 15, 2010

Christmas at the Garretts!

We has so much fun spending 2 weeks in St. George! All of Brad's family was there, besides Lou - he is in Singapore on a LDS mission.

White Elephant Gift Christmas EVE party was lots of fun. The limit was $5 but of course Brad's parents went way over. Shauny ended up with movie tickets and restaurant gift cards! I got a rubix cube and brad ended up with "Bod" Spray. Jeanette made yummy homemade soup for Christmas eve dinner.

Brad's little sister, Alex, got a dog! His name is Cooper and he is a basset hound. He is adorable and now the pack of dogs are 3. They were crazy so it was nice to have good weather to stick them outside.

Christmas Morning!!! Brad and I both got our regular Christmas shoes. We both got some puma tennis shoes and I got a pair of black flats. I got brad his Christmas watch - this year he wanted a white one. I found an awesome deal on a fossil one so he was super stoked. Brad got me an awesome jewelery box so my jewelery isn't spread out on my dresser everywhere - I love it! I made brad a book from Shutterfly on his mission. He never got his mission pictures printed so it turned out great.

What did we get Brad's Parents?!?!

An Awesome frame of Andra's 3 boy's mission areas. Brad and I put our heads together and with me on the computer and brad helping me with ideas I think it turned out great. - Thanks to Cassie for the original idea!! - I'm so glad his parents liked it.
After everyone cleaned up after Christmas morning and while dinner was cooking we noticed people out in the golf course just walking on. We were sooo curious if it was closed and a "free" golf day.... well we called the golf course and they were closed so we grabbed our clubs and hit away! Brad and his dad were wishing they would have known sooner so they could have been playing all morning! It was fun to golf for FREE! (We also went golfing with brad's friend, Andy and his wife earlier that week - brad was in heaven!)

While we were in Utah we also put on School of Ball's first Volleyball Camp! www.schoolofball.com It turned out great and now Shauntell is running a league/clinic on thursday nights. School of Ball has great potential and if Brad ends up teaching it hopefully will be a great summer job for him.

We had a great time in St. George but time flew then we were off to Idaho for New Years and my Dads birthday!

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