January 15, 2010

New Years!

We had fun in Idaho but I think bullet had the most fun. Between chasing my little sisters cats, chasing kids on sleds, getting hit hard by brad on a sled, running up and down the sledding hill, and playing with Trinity and Izzy I would say he had the time of his life. I'm just glad he behaved himself at the Thompson home.

He also won the #1 picture of the trip - I love it!
New Years....
Shane, Shea, and Maverick came over to celebrate with us. We had fun playing Balderdash and Blurt. Great Group games!

We had fun building a fort with the kids....

And they had fun knocking it down!We pulled kids and ourselves on the 4-wheeler! - Thanks Jacksons!
Bullet never is scared of ANYTHING (no lie). So of course he was chasing the 4-wheeler and getting a little to close - but having the time of his life. Brad was on the sled and ran over him (in the sled)... it must have hit him hard because he wasn't chasing the 4-wheeler near to how he was before the incident... probably a good thing he got hit by the sled and not the 4-wheeler!
We built A GIANT Snowman... we had to use 2- 2x4's just to roll the middle ball up!

We went sledding at the Sand Dunes...
We celebrated by Dad's Birthday!!!!
Then our vacation was over and we had a long 19 hour drive back to Stillwater.

We had a great time! Thanks Family!


Ryan, Danna, and Adalee!! said...

Bullet is so stinkin cute! I'm glad you had a good time visiting family, but sorry you had to drive that long! ugh!

Tim Walsh said...

Hey Garretts!

Glad to read you like Blurt! As the designer of the game, I love when it brings people together. Join our facebook Blurt page!

Have fun and keep Blurting!


~Alex!s Thompson said...

Hey, that was so fun when you guys came over! Ha, you got a comment from the makers of Blurt. Cool!
How's bullet doing?