March 19, 2011

Spring Break

has been an awesome and much appreciated. Brad has had it off too since he works as an ESL assistant at an elementary school so it has really made me excited that we are both going to be teachers because the breaks are awesome.We have just been working every night at Frostop, so lucky to be able to work there.

We have played a ton of sand volleyball this break... so much fun. St. George has such nice weather that I've actually gotten to get some sun in this 70 degree weather :). Brad and Wyatt are playing in a sand vball tourney on April 2 so they wanted to get some practice in. They should do pretty good, they are super athletic, it's ridiculous.

We planted a garden and I started some flowers seeds! My flowers have finally started to spout! I can't wait to transfer them outside in a couple weeks. In the garden we planted cantaloupe, corn, carrots, and cucumber. The only problem is, apparently bullet still uses the area to lay in and run back and forth because I have seen my hills change shape and there are footprints all over... grr. We will see what sprouts in the next week or two and then I will see what I need to reseed. Dang dog :)

If you look closely at the rows you can tell when bullet has ruined them... I don't dare fix them because I don't want to cover the seeds....

Frostop made Marketing Ads at the clothing store, Maurices! Someone brought their mailer into us at Frostop and showed us the picture they used... so awesome. Brad and I went in there the other day and they had this huge banner on their wall (the banner cuts off the logo a little but but the postcard showed the whole thing). So cool! Do you think they cropped the girl in?! We can't decide.

Brad's parents and Shantel got new Great Dane puppies! they are so stinking cute. Tyler surprised Shauntel with one after Kim and Andra got theirs... she was in shock...
 Tyler went to get Shauntel a puppy while we all were working at Frostop the other night. I left work a little early while they were mopping and hid in Kody's closet with a phone camera to record the surprise when Shauntel got home.  Tyler told her that Kody needed to tell her something... Kody couldn't stay awake :).

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Alisa and Sky said...

Thats so fun you have started a garden! We should do one this year. I will have to fence it off though because I know our dog with ruin it! We all need to get together and play sand volleyball as friends. I am not very good and not very agile at the moment, but I love sand volleyball ha ha!!