April 16, 2011

Finished Pillows

 I'm happy with the results of the pillows I made! Finally, my bed is finished :). My parents and sisters came over conference weekend - what a blast. My mom taught me how to do piping and she helped me make my decisions on colors and placements. Anyways, if anyone has been wanting to make pillows - do it! It's much cheaper than buying them for $20-$50 for each pillow at target and it really isn't hard. Plus, you can choose your own fabrics. 


The Knapp Fam said...

Those look so great Whitney! I'm sure impressed! That really makes me want to try and make some! And I love your fabric choice!

Alisa and Sky said...

I love them whit!! They turned out so cute!! We have that same duvet in brown :) Its always so nice to make progress on things around the house! I hope yall are getting settled into you new one!! Hopefully we can all get together sometime soon!!

Coach Kiester said...

Are you still doing your business blog/web site? If so, you should make some of these cute pillows to sell. You are so talented!