May 17, 2011

End of Spring Semester and Summer begins

Sorry for the boring Journal-like Update... I am mainly doing this for myself so when I feel like catching up in my journal I have something to look back on. But for those of you who like to read feel free :) haha.  

No pictures yet... It's Brad's birthday on Friday so we will have some by then. Just an update for everyone. SADLY unexpectedly (it's a long story) we had to move out of the house we were renting, I'm just sooo sad to leave the garden we planted and I hear it's growing awesome but I don't dare go look at it because I don't want to break down in tears!  We now live in a town home that is nice and we can't complain one bit besides it costs more in rent. We have access to a pool so that has been awesome. I've been inviting the nephews over a lot so I don't feel dumb being at the pool by myself in the mornings ;). Bullet also loves our morning walks over to Shauntel's to play with her dogs while we exercise. So all in all the move has been great, we were just super sad to leave our awesome hook-up.

Brad got an early birthday present... a toyota tacoma 05'. He has been DROOLING over tacoma trucks since we've been married and it finally came time to buy a second car. He is in heaven and it has been SUPER nice having 2 cars. Our scooter is great and we love it but there are days where it is nice to not have to have the windy ride beat you to death :). Now we just want to go camping and vacationing... we can't wait for Granite this summer!   

I got a 4.0 this Spring semester! I was excited about that. Finals went well and I had a week break and now summer classes begin. I have to take summer classes in order to start the Elementary Education program this fall. I'm taking a 5 week class and a 8 week class... they will fly by but I'm going to be super busy. I'm going to have to talk one of my professors into letting me take the final early so I can make the Granite trip... I CAN'T miss that!

It's been nice having our own place so that visitors can stay. April and Anna are coming memorial weekend and my awesome friend Kendria and her husband are coming for a night while they are out in Vegas for a Garth Brooks concert. I'm so excited to see them. So if anyone ever needs a place to stay, we have spare room for anyone!

Brad and his brother, Wyatt, played in a sand vball tourney a while ago and they were close but never pulled off a win. So.. they want to redeem themselves so they entered in a tournament up north to play in a couple weeks. They have been practicing in the mornings so hopefully they can pull off a win against the teams who live and breath volleyball!

Other than that we live up any spare minutes in the day cause we have been so busy lately... hence the lack of blogging. work work work :). I can't believe we have lived in St. George for 1 Year now... It's been crazy busy and we will see what the future has in store for us. For now it's just learning how to play the patience game.

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Nancy J said...

I love the catch-up on your life. Busy is good! Good job on school and congrats on the truck - how exciting.