May 20, 2011

26 years old!

 We just got done with a surprise family birthday breakfast for brad! Brad is 26! He was woken up by his nephews ringing the doorbell and we ate Brad's favorite french toast sticks and yummy oatmeal pancakes with juice, choc milk, and fruit. He has to work a 12 hour shift today so we had a birthday morning instead of birthday evening. I'll bring the cake into work so we can enjoy birthday cake later on :).
Kody showing off the candles that him, lucas and kate put in brad's bday cake.  The cake went back in the fridge but we had to sing and light some candles :). 

I got brad an awesome golf club that is for dogs. The club picks up tennis balls and you swing the club just like a normal golf swing and it goes flying for a dog to chase. The kids were crackin up watching bullet jump so high to try to get the ball out of the package.

All of Brad's b-day presents had to do with his birthday truck. Oklahoma State University license plate covers, tire gauge, tie downs, bungee cords, gum, air freshener, and cleaning wipes. He is in heaven.

Happy Birthday Brad - I LOVE YOU!

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Nancy J said...

Happy Birthday Brad! The truck looks fun but Whit you look so cute in that picture.