August 14, 2008

We really did catch some fish! I swear

My mom and little sister were came out to visit and help get my buisness started. One evening we decided to go fishing. It must have been the right time of day or something but Alexis was the first one to catch a baby blue gill, then I caught a bigger blue gill. Of course we had to rub it in Brad's face becuase he hadn't caught anything yet, and he was fishing the "proper" way. All me and my sis were doing was dragging our line right by the dock. :)
As Brad casted his line out he mentioned how he didn't want to catch a Catfish because they have teeth and are just nasty. What do you know, one second after he had somthing on the line, and it was big! He realed the honker of a fish in and guess what, it was a catfish! -serves him right!

Well, being he prepared fisherman we were... we didn't bring scissors or pliers. The hook was clear back in the catfish so I ran to the other side of the lake to our apartment to grab something to cut the line. The poor fish...

I wish we would have brought a camera that night. My mom took pictures on her phone but to our luck, she dropped her phone in the toilet and it broke! so the pictures are the next 3 days of us trying to catch another fish while the camera was there... we didn't catch any :(


Ryan and Danna said...

I have only ever caught one fish in my entire life and it was a sucker! No fun! Looks like I am going to have to come visit you for a fishing trip :) That's so fun that your mom and alexis got to come out to see you! It is always so fun to have family visit. Especially for you i'm sure, since you live so far away!

*~TRIS~* &*~FAM~* said...

Looks like you had fun!I hope we get to see you for Christmas the girls are getting so big and i know they would love to see their aunt and uncle.Hope things are going well with you business.