August 28, 2008

This Kid needs a new Body!

Brad is in a boot.

He has had shin splints all summer long and these first weeks of school and ball has just made it worse. Dr. Pascal, who operated on his shoulder, looked at it and he thinks it's a fracture. Brad is going to the hospital today to get a bone scan. Most likey it is a fracture, which means he will have to stay completly off it until October, only being able to swim.
I just hope he will be able to be a TRUE POKE and play basketball for OSU! He is really really bummed out and is so frustrated. Getting in and out of shape constantley IS NOT fun an he is sick of it. This kid needs a new frame! But for whatever reason the Lord has brought us out to Oklahoma and we know this is our place to be for now.


Anonymous said...

Dang that stinks! I hope you heals quickly!

The Clingers said...

Brad hang in there. I know that you will be able to play this year. I hope that you heal quick. I hope all else is well with you too. Hope to hear from you soon!

Ryan and Danna said...

Poor guy! He is an accident waiting to happens. Sounds like he has had a rough year! I hope he gets better so he can play b-ball!

Melissa said...

Gosh Dangit! That is crazy. I too hope it heals quickly and he gets to play this year, Yikes. And you didn't even go to Hawaii this time.