February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!

MOM and Brad's MOM!!!

It was my mom's birthday yesterday and it's Brad's mom's birthday tomorrow. I couldn't be blessed with better mothers in my life...

To My Mother:
We always had so much fun with you camping at Granite Hot Springs... GREAT memories!!!
Now, our family is even bigger than our most recent family pic but our family is awesome and it's all because of you! I love you mom!
To Brad's Mother:
Officially the mother in-law!We always have a BLAST when we come to St. George! Thanks for everything you do!The Garrett Family keeps growing too!! Babies Galore!!!

We love you Mothers! Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Shannon Christina Malan said...

Man I love your mom too! Seriously I miss the Thompson clan. you guys definitely have played a big role in my life! thank you!