February 15, 2010

Love Day!

I hope you all had as good as weekend as we did. We blew through our Dining out budget by going to Texas Rhodehouse Friday night and then going to Rib Crib (delicious!) on Saturday. I ate way too much but it was fun going with our friends. Looks like the rest of the month will be home cookin delights - ha!

We got Brad a much needed new suit. We found it last weekend and he was really wanting to get it but I'm so glad we waited a week because they put it on an even lower sale price saving us another additional $40! He looks great in it and hopefully it will give him good luck in job interviews to come. I surprised him Sunday morning with a tie to go along with it. Ross - $9.99 and it's a Micheal Kors tie - Awesome find. He surprised me with a rose, chocolate, and a nice card. Needless to say the big bag of peanut butter M&M's are almost gone.

Happy Valentines Day a day late! :)

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