July 29, 2011

Granite, boating, and good Idaho fun

My FAVORITE view at Granite Hot Springs. This is on the bridge close to the hot springs pool.
 Unfortunately, this year the river was way too high and dangerous and all the rapids disappear so we didn't white water raft... instead we went on a hike up to an Arch.  Grandpa and Uncle Mike said it wasn't that bad of a hike... I think they forgot :). We were all afraid for our lives at some point or another. It is scary when you are climbing a rocky steep mountain and a rock under your feet goes rolling down the mountain and we could only dodge to where the rock wouldn't hit us. I've never been afraid of heights until this wonderful adventure :). We could have gotten some AMAZING pictures but since our lives were on the line photos only happened when we were walking or sitting safely.
The start of the hike didn't seem so bad and it was really fun


This part was part of the steepest climbs. We joked that it was crawl 10 feet rest for 5 mins... etc. This was all broken, fragile, and loose rock that easily slides out from under you. There were even steeper parts climbing up to the Arch through the no-trails wilderness but we were too worried about making the climb to take pictures.
"I'll smile for one minute but how in the heck are we getting down."
It was a gorgeous view
My Uncle Shawn being a dare Devil

This was the snow under the arch. The snow was hollow underneath and it came avalanche-ing down the mountain right under our feet. Soon after brad slid down the mountain about 20 ft slicing his finger pretty good, soon after that we yelled SEAN, ROCK! ... luckily my cousin sean moved just in time so a huge rock didn't knock him out.

We took uncle larry's boat out and we had a blast on the tube! We didn't get a picture with me and the Thornton kids together but we caught major air!
Gorgeous Idaho Fields on the way to Black-tail Reservoir

Lex almost got up on the wakeboard but not quite.

Greg's family lovin the tube

Loved knee boarding
Granite and boating was a blast and it was soo good to be with family for a week. We also went golfing, birthday shopping, celebrated Shea's birthday at Olive Garden, and had s'mores cooked over the fire pit at my parents that brought on a bunch of laughs the whole time. I LOVE Idaho, there is nothing else like it :). Thanks mom, dad, and lex for the great time!

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