July 6, 2011

Hike at Kanaraville Falls

We had a fun and eventful 4th of July. We started the day off early and drove just south of Cedar and hiked Kanaraville Falls. It is an easy hike but really pretty cause you just follow a creek that goes up to the Falls. We had to walk through the water most of the time so it was fun.
Brad using Kim's homemade net - pvc, nylons, and a wire hanger!
Didn't catch anything but a rock... lol.

Brad, me, Shauny, Garrett, Louis, Andra, Kody, Kim, and Alex

Brad and me under the falls - the water was freezing!

We want to go back and climb up the log to get
to the upper level of the falls where there are
some pools but with the kids there we didn't do it.

After hiking we took the dogs to the Virgin River (4 Great Danes, 1 Basset Hound, 1 Jack Russel). It's so funny to watch all of the dogs together - we think we need to do some type of a dog commercial :). After the river we cleaned up and then had a little dinner and played vball at wyatt's. It's always fun to play with all of us together - then we had a little firework show at the in-laws.

Across the street near the St. George Golf Club's clubhouse the hill was set on fire because of people's fireworks. It was amazing to see how fast it spread and we were getting worried for the nearby house. Finally, a firetruck came and put it out. I imagine those people who started it felt pretty stupid :).

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