July 3, 2011

Quick Trip to Idaho

When I found out Joy and her two kids were coming to Idaho I was so excited since I haven't seen them since my wedding back in 2007. I finally got to meet her cute little boy, Will! I flew in on Friday and that night we had a bbq with the Thompson Family, it was good to see everyone. That night Alexis and I slept out in the tent with cousins and nieces and nephew. Hayden was being quite the little crack-up and was sure making everyone laugh. The funniest comment of the night was from Hannah. After awhile of Hayden being crazy the kids were getting tired and Hannah yelled (while giggling), "Why was I adopted into this CRAZY family!". It was really cute and she sure tried to keep her brother under control. This video is a sneak peek of his craziness :)...

On Saturday we went to the Idaho Falls greenbelt and had pizza with the kids and went for a little walk near the river. They sure had fun and Jaclyn and Hannah were best buds on the walk. That evening, the Thornton side came over for a bbq and it was fun. Joy made yummy lemon lush and April and I made these awesome cupcakes that were delicious! On Monday night we went to Reed's Dairy to get their fabulous Ice Cream and Jaclyn and Will had fun with the farm animals. We also went to Johnstone because Jaclyn wanted to see where grandpa works and where Joy worked, she loved shredding paper! I was able to ride home with April since she was on her way to California. We were also able to meet up with Aunt Jenny and CJ for dinner in Provo. It was a fun night and Joy was able to show Jaclyn her old apartment at BYU and we had some awesome ice cream.

Green Belt  at Idaho Falls

Sleeping in the tent

Love the little Man - Will

Cousins - Trinity, Jaclyn, and Mav

Cousins - Tilly and Will - SO CUTE

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Nancy J said...

It was so good to see you! Man, who kids are those in the video anyway? I wouldn't claim him if I was them. - You totally were a good sport to sleep out there with them.